June 21st is fast approaching and the 5th edition of Love ‘n’ Peace Festival will make us head to Malakasa, Greece for a unique live experience of “liberation and the unstoppable force of love”! But, lets read what the festival’s organisers Stavros Theofilopoulos and Magda Petropoulou would like to share about it!

Tell us in brief what’s the history of Love N’ Peace Festival, and how was it conceived? Any special story behind the name?

It was back on 1981 when all started as a summer edition of the famous Rock ‘n roll Parties of Fokionos Negri (Kipseli neighbourhood of Athens). A group of restless rockers gathered in Malakasa forest and enjoyed the natural beauty of the area dancing with the music of their youth!

34 years later, the survivors of the urban decay gathered together and decided to revive the old party transforming it to an independent summer rock festival. We named it “Love ‘n’ Peace Festival”. This name reflects our common values and unites people who believe that these two components are the cornerstone of the future of our society.

Which were the criteria for choosing these 3 bands for this year’s edition?

Every year our goal is to choose 3 Greek rock bands combining different music trends and creating a unique combination. But the fundamental criteria of our choice are reflected to our motto: “This Summer – three bands united to celebrate the spirit of liberation and the unstoppable force of love”.  Musicians and audience should be guided by this spirit in order to enjoy our gathering.

Why should we attend?    

On the 21st of June 2019, we’re celebrating the 5th Love ‘n’ Peace Festival and besides the unique natural atmosphere and musical feast that we provide every year, this time you’ll witness a lot of special anniversary surprises! Join us to reveal them !

Out of the box questions now: If you were to book any 3 bands for the Festival, which ones would they be and why?

Jimi Hendrix, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Led Zeppelin.  Do I have to explain why? I thought so…

What’s on the horizon for the festival?

Our notion is that if will succeed to keep that spirit alive, the years to come more and more beautiful people will come to perform music, dance and relax under our motto.

Christos Doukakis