Aλcmene is the newly formed project of Alkmini Chatzinasiou, a pop/rock singer from Greece. Little do we know about Aλcmene, however what is available online intrigues us for her promising upcoming performance, on May, the 6th at FAUST Bar-Theatre-Arts.

So, Alkmini, we are happy to have you! Please, introduce Aλcmene project to Last Day Deaf readers. 

Hello guys! Thank you so much for having me! Let me tell you a few things about my project… Actually, it is more than a project to me, as it is my debut full-length album. The album, which is composed and produced by Marie-Anne K, consists of 9 songs. Although the genre of the album is pop, it, also, has a rock and electronic attitude. Titled, ‘Kill The Girl‘, the album tells the story of every woman, who needs to “kill” the girl inside her, in order to stand on her own feet. Marie-Anne K and I embraced the whole process, creating a musical world for the girls to express themselves and for the boys to get to know us even better.

From our internet research, we read that you come from a purely musical environment, as your father was a great saxophone and piano player and your uncle is the famous Greek composer George Chatzinasios. How difficult/easy is for you to carry and continue this artistic inheritance? How did it all start?

Growing up in a house full of singing and playing musical instruments made it pretty easy for me to build a great love for music. It came naturally to me. From a young age, I always participated in school music activities, taking piano classes and being a choir member. I believe that was the time, when I realized the power and the beauty of music and I knew from that moment that I needed to express myself in that way for the rest of my life.

Of course, having a father who was a great musician and an uncle who is one of the most famous and successful Greek composers is not easy at all! You are always being scrutinized for your every step, your every choice. Even though you are trying to reach your own personal goal, people will always see you as someone’s daughter or as someone’s niece. They think that you shouldn’t have followed the same path, because it is impossible to compare your career with theirs. Nonetheless, I will do my best to continue my family’s artistic legacy and I hope to make them all proud.

On Sunday, the 6th of May we will be happy to see you performing live at FAUST Bar-Theatre-Arts. How do you feel about this upcoming night? 

I am really excited!! Actually, I can’t wait for Sunday to come! I am going to perform my own material in front of friends, family and guests. It is a great challenge for me, as they will get to listen to the songs that Marie-Anne K and I have been preparing for 2 years now. It seems that the 6th of May would symbolize both the end and the beginning of an era.

Which artists/bands would you consider as most influential in regards to Aλcmene’s project and any suggestions about new projects/artists we should pay attention to?

I suppose that Marie-Anne K and I were both influenced not only by many genres such as: Electronic, post/alternative rock, trip hop. Marie-Anne K has a great love for African-American music, such as gospel and blues, while she never forgets her classical music background. We both love to create dark atmospheres, use distortion, reverbs, synths and embracing all the 80s electronic sounds.

As for new projects/artists that caught my attention…. I am currently listening to Bishop Briggs, an indie pop-rock artist that really inspires me with her powerful voice and attitude.

You are about to release your debut full-length album titled ‘Kill The Girl‘, which was funded by Indiegogo’s Crowdfunding platform. Please tell us about the recording process and what brought you the most stress in regards to the upcoming album?

Well…the recording process was both stressful and pleasant. The most stressful part was to find the best way to express your views to your musicians, to your sound engineers, even to your music partners. When you record a song, you have a certain sound in mind. The part where you need to engage other people with your vision and make them perform like you have imagined, is the most difficult process of all. Of course, once your song is completed and you realize that your original idea has taken another shape, a richer one, due to other people’s inspirations, then you know that everything was worth it.

What are the main sectors that contribute to your creative process? What are your sources of inspiration?

I would say love is my main source of inspiration. But love can take many forms. I might be in love with someone and I am expressing it by writing lyrics or I might be in pain and I need to express it, too, in the same way. I also draw inspiration from small everyday moments: When I see something beautiful and it makes me smile or when I experience a difficult situation and I feel blue.


Should new artists or bands be ambitious and optimistic in regards to the current musical scene within a country of crisis as Greece is?

It is certainly a difficult period for everyone here in Greece, not to mention for artists. Artists were always struggling to succeed, to stand out from the crowd. You need to be ambitious, a hard-worker and you also need to be lucky. You ought to be able to see an opportunity and seize it. Overall, I would say that artists need to be optimist and follow their hearts. Greece is our home, our birthplace. Nowadays, having the endless world of the internet in our hands, we can continue creating and dreaming of a better future.

What holds the near future for you? Any scheduled gigs? 

Well, I plan to spend the summer performing in bars and festivals all around Greece, promoting my music. I am currently in talks with another venue for a gig in June, where I get to perform some of my favorite covers, too.

Please feel free to end this interview the way you wish.

Thank you, again, for having me. I wish you all great luck and joy in your lives. Don’t forget to smile, to take risks and to follow your dreams, no matter the cost.

Photo credits: Chris Bratsos

Vasiliki Nousa