Free Self Organised Theatre Embros
Riga Pallamidi 2 Psirri

FR.14 + SAT.15 DECEMBER 2018 STARTS 17.00
100 video artists and poets from 26 countries
2 performances | 32 poets + 8 concerts + 3 DJs + BookFair

Organized by:
The Institute [for Experimental Arts] //
+ΙΝΣΤΙΤΟΥΤΟ Πειραματικών Τεχνών http://theinstitute.info/
Void Network // KENO ΔΙΚΤΥΟ http://voidnetwork.gr/

MOVING POEMS http://movingpoems.com/

The 7th International Video Poetry Festival is dedicated to the photographer and poet Ren Hang (1987–2017)

VIDEO POETRY SHOW starts at 17.00

MEXICO: Cristina Bustamante. Minuit De Lacroix feat.Charlene Gálea USA: Sarah Sloat. Cheryl Gross. Lisa Seidenberg. Tova Beck-Friedman. Adam E.Stone. Matt Mullins. Pamela Falkenberg. Jack Cochran. Vasilios Papaioannu & Emma Piper-Burket AUSTRALIA: Jason Lam. Ian Gibbins. Claire Rosslyn Wilson. Marie Craven ENGLAND: Shauna Robertson. Sam Loveless. Brian Reid. Adele Myers. Kate Sweeney. Dominic Weston. Tom Sastry. Helen Dewbery. Timothy David Orme. Chaucer Cameron. Adam Steiner. Iris Lewis. Shauna Robertson. Hari Marini- PartSuspended. Sarah Tremlett. Helen Kay. Jane Glennie INDIA: Kuzhur Wilson SPAIN: Adria Guardiola. Rafel Arnal. Blas Payri. Pedro Jaen R. Laen Sanches ITALY: Alessandro Sedda. Virgo29 Production – Kenosis. Dimitri Ruggeri BOSNIA/HERZEGOVINA: Amina Avdic GREECE: Nopi Fountoukidou.Lokatola. Stelios Oikonomidis. Antonis Touloumis, Spyros Pantazis, Katerina Michalopoulou. Niki Andrikopoulou. Christine Papanicola. Grigoris G. Gaitanaros. Peanuts Bowl. Thanasis Panou. Evgenia Oikonomopoulou. Io Armata KOREA: Finn Harvor CANADA: Fiona Tinwei Lam. Sharron Mirsky PERU: Rodrigo Luque FRANCE: Anna Niarakis, bobie (yves bommenel) FINLAND: Hanna Ojala AUSTRIA: Melanie Ludwig ISLE OF MAN: Janet Lees BELGIUM: Gaetan Saint-Remy. Serge Goldwicht. Pierre Lebecque UKRAINE / TURKEY: Lokal Anestezi BOLIVIA: Lucia Sellars LUXEMBURG: Agnes Marton POLAND: Marcin Jagnus SLOVENIA: Tina Šulc Resnik ARGENTINA: Yanin Lorey


SPIRALS– main showroom – starts at 19.00- duration 20 minutes

Spirals is a poetic journey that crosses geographical borders and unites European female voices in an exchange of languages, cultures, personal narratives and modes of expression. Through the symbol of the spiral, the project explores thresholds, migration, path, nature, home and sense of belonging; the spiral acts as a sign of becoming, transforming and awareness. Poems written by contemporary female poets, recorded material, music and movement are part of a series of performances, photography and video-work. Women create and walk on spirals in a variety of places, such as London, Broadstairs, Coventry, Barcelona, Athens and Belgrade.
– Created by Hari Marini – PartSuspended (UK) (www.partsuspended.com/)

ECSTASY #1 – starts 21.30 on the second floor – duration 2 hours