Lynyrd Skynyrd: I mean what’s not to say about Skynyrd; the godfathers of southern rock, music for whiskey drinking, hell raising men and women across the world.

The Cadillac Three: It’s truly unbelievable how so much sound can come from 3 guys. Such a unique sound, you can’t really compare these guys to anyone else because there’s just no one that can touch them. The licks, the songwriting, the live show. Ain’t never seen nothin’ like the Cadillac Three!

Bob Seger: We have always considered songwriting to be our main focus as a band. If you don’t have catchy songs you have nothing; and Bob Seger wrote basically every catchy song there ever was. A pure genius in knowing how to hook you in and not let go. Such a powerful voice still to this day.

Justin Moore: Guy is such a badass. There is so much bullshit coming out nowadays but every time you hear a Justin Moore single it is so refreshing. Justin keeps it real and you can tell he is always genuine in what he sings about, he really means it. Putting the old back in the new school.

Sammy Kershaw: Sammy had one of the best voices that country music ever heard. He had so many great songs, I am surprised that you don’t hear his name mentioned as much as you do about other country artists that took over the 90s. In my eyes Sammy had some of the greatest country songs ever written, even the b sides of the records were fantastic like “Harbour For A Lonely Heart” off of the “Don’t Go Near The Water” album. A true class act.

Van Halen: The epitome of rock n roll. The duo of Diamond Dave and Eddie Van Halen has never been matched. Eddie’s tone and style of playing, and Dave’s talent of knowing how to get people on their feet, Van Halen kicks ass and always will.

Alan Jackson: He has the look, he has the voice and he has the tunes. He just has a song for everything!

Oh you’re sitting on the dock having a beer?: “Chattahoochie”
You’re falling in love?:
“Livin’ on Love”
You’ve just gone through a breakup?:
“Tropical Depression”

Alan has been a soundtrack to my life.

April Wine: What did you think we weren’t going to pick any Canadian artists!? We grew up here and we’re damn proud of it. April Wine kicks ass man, an absolute party band. Wicked guitar harmonies, great tunes, and a force to be reckoned with live. If the firebell at the beginning of “Oowatanite” doesn’t send chills down your spine when you hear it come on: something is wrong with you dude.

Dwight Yoakam: A true showman and musician. Guys wanted to be him and women wanted to be with him. Hell of a voice, hell of a songwriter. A pioneer in tight pants and cowboy boots!

The Arkells: Talent. Talent. Talent. The Arkells may not fit in with the rest of the bands on this list, but we listen to good music.. good music is GOOD MUSIC.. no matter what genre. The Arkells are just such a fantastic display of a band that can’t be pinned down to one genre. You hear them on rock radio, pop radio, alt radio.. they’re fantastic song writers and even better guys. We’re happy to call them friends, and have loved to sit back and watch all the success that they’ve got and deserved!

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